100TB Data Storage! 100 TB Flash Base Storage (SSD)

100 TB SSD

The highest capacity SSD release in history !! .. Storage power cannot predict !!

Nimbus Tech has released a new three-sided new SSD with Samsung 30 TB storage SSD, which has recently made a world record! Nimbus Tech has broken the record set by South Korean Tech Giant Samsung in just a month. !! Nimbus Tech has launched a 100 TB Flash Base Storage (SSD) device that is surprising to the tech world. The Nimbus Company has now become the world’s most powerful SSD manufacturer. Nimbus data Extra Drive DC100 has the highest capacity Flash Base Storage in history, with the new flash base storage capacitance of just 3.5 inches. Related image

How much is Extra Drive DC100 capacity?
The 3.5-inch size of Nimbus Data Extra Drive DC100 has the ability to store 20,000 HD movies. Its successive wright and read speed is said to be 500MBs. Also, it has powered by 85% of each terabyte.

What’s the technology have used?
It is said that the Nimbus Samsung used 3D NAND (V-NAND) technology in the world’s largest storage capacity SSD. (Samsung also used this technology). It will collect more data on SSD and bring more performance. !!

2.5 million hours warranty !!

Nimbus Company guarantees five 5 years on Highest Capacity Flash Base Storage Nimbus Data Extra Drive DC100 in History. Estimating this SSD price which is guaranteed at least 2.5 million hours of durability, will not be less than $ 25,000.

This is not the smallest SSD !!
2.5 inch Samsung PM1643 Flash Base Storage (SSD) is the world’s smallest large storage unit. The World Tech World is a surprising 100 TB Flash Base Storage (SSD) device that is made up of nimbus but it is 3.5-inch.

Extra Drive DC100 Availability !!
Nimbus claims to launch the Extra Drive DC100 as a consumer model. So, customers can say that its availability is very close. Extra Drive DC100 SSD is just about to buy more than $ 25,000. !!

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