Best weight loss foods for women…

weight loss foods

Selecting foods wisely is as important as the work-out for weight loss. ‘Eat extra to weigh less’ can be your slim-down chant. It can be the easiest method to lose weight as you do not need to put in additional time and effort.

Citrus Fruits 

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Oranges and grapefruit are two best common examples of citrus fruits. They don’t only have solvable fiber but also contain vitamin C which is vital to absorb iron in your body. Apple contains fiber besides other essential nutrients that will make you feel full.


Eggs Related image

A protein-rich breakfast of eggs will assist you fight back hunger pains. Starting the day with eggs keeps you away from chewing fatty and sugary food stuffs. 

Image result for OatIf you don’t like eggs, oats is the food for you. They are ironic in fiber, so a serving will help you feel full throughout the day. Moreover, they have a healthy carbohydrate that assists burn fat and boost metabolism (digestion).



Image result for cerealsHaving a good breakfast with cereals is very significant for weight loss. Breakfast cereals have lesser calories than what comes from other diets such as eggs, pancakes and bacon. Cereal is filled with fiber and you do not want to spend too much time in making it. You can have fiber-rich cereals with skimmed milk. You can also have some fruits with your cereal but take them at least 20 minutes before having milk.

Yoghurt with low- fat content

Related imageProviding a good balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein, yoghurt is a good choice for maintaining the balance of your body. It helps to keep your blood sugar steady which prevents cravings for food. Make sure that the fat content is low. Yogurt also provides calcium for the body which is needed for women. The proportion of the number of calories to protein content and calcium content in yoghurt makes it favourable as a weight loss food for women.


Pulses and Herbs

Related imageBrown rice, buckwheat spaghetti, dried lentils and other pulses are good weight loss foods. Herbs and spices such as sea salt, vegetable stock cubes, fresh ginger root, onion powder, garlic, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, cardamom and fenugreek are useful as weight loss foods. You can spice up your food with these.


Related imageBeans provide solvable fiber to your body which assists in soothing blood sugar. Protein and other nutritional content make it a very good option as a weight loss food for women.



NutsRelated image

Nuts are not just a healthy snack on the run, but also an appetite suppressant. The super food, ironic in healthy fats, benefits you to slim down. Chew on a handful of almonds, peanuts and walnuts when the hunger pain attacks.

Green tea

Related imageDrink your way to weight loss with green tea. Green tea hydrates like water and plugs you up. Moreover, it has the antioxidants that assist burn calories and fat.


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