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KineMaster: it is a video-editing tool that’s a well-designed interface with a countless user experience and a wide choice of operative features so you can make the videos as you need exactly.

   KineMaster – Pro Video Editor- screenshot  KineMaster is very simple to use: just choose the content you want to add to your video in the order that you want it and add a title to the final composition. After that, you can choose an overall theme for your video, which will also add an introduction/overview. This is all you have to do … but, of course, you can also edit in superior depth if you want to.

In the KineMaster you can edit the video directly from the timeline. This lets you add different types of transitions between video remains (either photos or videos) and even add blocks of text or subtitles.

When you finish the editing, KineMaster lets you save your project directly to your device in different qualities. You can also upload the video directly to your Facebook or YouTube accounts, etc.

KineMaster is a simple yet powerful video-editing tool. Though you can use it to create a video in just a few seconds, it can also create much elaborate projects if you want to spend a bit more time on them.

KineMaster: A complete video editor for your smartphone

The occurrence of digital video recording has involved a total change of pattern. Recording films used to be the area of the well-off, as recording and developing in 35mm (and derivatives) came at a ridiculously high cost. But the advent of the digital format has revolutionized everything. Anybody can record, put together, and export a video in a very small amount of time. And now you can do it from your smartphone, with KineMaster being a good video editor option for Android systems.  Read more..(click here)

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